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Ciara Designs, Inc. Cabinetry
Ciara Designs, inc. Cabinetry and Casework
Ciara Designs, Inc. produces commercial cabinetry and customized office solutions for dental offices, medical facilities, hospitals, and nursing homes. Ciara Designs also provides cabinetry and space planning for professional office space, attorney offices, financial institutions and churches.

Ciara Designs, Inc. is based in Tampa, Florida, and provides high quality, professional and commercial cabinetry and casework and installation throughout the southeast United States including Florida, Georgia and South Carolina.

We have been in business for over 23 years and set ourselves apart from our competition through experience, superior customer service, and personal attention.

In addition to the quality of our cabinetry and casework, we provide superior customer service, a high level of experience, and the utmost integrity in our design, construction, installation and service.

Innovative office design sets the framework for unique configurations to meet the needs of dental and medical facilities. Ciara Design, Inc.'s casework and cabinetry are designed to fit the space and layout provided. Computer Aided Design (CAD)is used to meet customer's specifications. Space planning is also provided.
Ciara Designs, Inc. uses high quality in-house CNC technology, a variety of materials including solid surface and granite, and provides a true 32mm full overlay for our cabinetry. Sink bases are plywood core. All work has handcrafted quality.
Ciara Designs, Inc. provides experienced, in-house, professional installers.
Ciara Designs, Inc.
3801 N. 41st Street, Tampa, FL 33610